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 SECTION #1  Products

           SECTION #2  Articles & Reviews           

SECTION #3  Videos

     SECTION #4  MAMA & Her Babies  

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SECTION #1  Product Links

Dr. Elsey’s Litter

    This scooper photo will become a clickable link tools      to a page in this website AFTER I make that Video!

I will be offering these Cat Litter Scoopers AFTER I SHOW YOU HOW TO USE & CLEAN THEM!

I will be offering them to YOU as a “kickstarter” platform. You pick the variety pack you want,  You “Donate”  which means (purchase),  You get your “Reward”, which means (the scoopers you ordered)

Since I already have them, there will be No Delay.

Don’t Worry I’ll EXPLAIN ALL of it!


cat litter scoopers  

   Awesome Re-Chargeable FlashLight


Clamp Lights a Must!

Get 1 OR GET 2  Or 2 Pk Smalleror 1 Large  

 10/ 3 foot  EXTENSION Cords to use with Clamp Lights  

This makes them $1.50 Each!

       Storage Bins Make GREAT Larger Cat Litter Boxes & You can buy Packages so they are excellent values!

Teal Bin with Compartment in Lid for dryer sheet 32 Quart 6 makes them about $10. Bucks ea.

32 Quart Oval~ish Shape Latch on Lid not on Bin 6 makes them less than $10. Bucks each.

32 Quart rectangle Shape Latch on Lid not on Bin 6 makes them less than $10. Bucks each.





                                                         SECTION # 2  Articles/Reviews                                                                                         

         KICKSTARTER    Comments/Review Link for luuup Litter Box.                                                           Click on this link it takes you to where it all Began.

Please DON’T BUY THIS LITTER BOX It’s only here for you to READ THE AWFUL REVIEWS!!

Wait till I show you The MAJOR DEFECT!

                  SECTION #3  Any Video Links 

cats & swirls                          


Click on MAMA & Her Babies She will Bring you to My CAT Litter Channel!        

Whenever you see MAMA & Her Babies in my WEBSITE Click her &  She will ALWAYS bring you to my Youtube Cat Litter CHANNEL 

in every blog take me to youtube Litter ChannelIf you click her now she will take you there. (Dry Run)!

cats & swirls

Section #5  Social Media Links

Section #6  DTAY Hack Link

cats & swirls

Section #7  DTAY Cat Link