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 Do you Believe things Happen for a Reason?

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     Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…                                                         

Calling all Cat Lovers & Litter Haters!

                                                                                                                   Let’s Talk Cat Litter!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I have the Best FIXES for many of you!                                                                                                      So it’s time to CHANGE the Cat Litter for GOOD!

     Kitty Litter:  The Enemy

  Litter Boxes: The Elephant in the Room!

Cleaning Them: Suck! 


                                                                         “So you Love your CATS but HATE Cleaning your Litter Boxes”…..                                                                                BLA  BLA BLA….How many of you A Sick to Death of that phrase or it’s… 


 I have to ask….Do these People NOT HAVE A CAT?

cat reaching up to butterfly     

Can they not get a Cat?

Can’t they ask Mary in Billing? 

women that has many catsWhat about Joe in Shipping? 

man that has many cats               “Ask me if your Cat product will work”   

    We all know why they Don’t Ask!

       It’s all about making Money!

doing the same thing over again is insanewho said the insane quote had to have cat litter                                                        Buying different BS Products or moving things around is not going to change anything.                                                             We just end up with the same old Litter Boxes that are Mucky & Smelly & well just Nasty.   So  The Buck Stops Here

I’m sure most of us will agree Litter is one of the Worst things we have to deal with in our homes

 Living with Cat Litter isn’t always easy.  Living with Cat Litter isn’t always easy.  

cat litter box with swans

                                                                                   Some days are okay,   Some days are a Freakin Horror Show                                                                                 I  propose we change some of that…No…I mean most of that.

Okay how about ALL of that!

                                                                      I am going to SHOW you Loads of things that we all have been doing WRONG...                                                                                I am going to Show & Prove to you WHY they are WRONG!!         




















 Hi Everyone!   

Welcome to my Litter Solutions Landing Page!

My name is Nancy & I am here to Shed some Real LIGHT about what’s going on in your Cat’s Litter Box.

Because it’s NOT what you Think!       

On this Landing Page I outline a sample of what’s going to be on my

Newyoutube cat litter channel coming soon

    CAT Litter Channel

So I hope you will Join me for my 1st VIDEO coming very soon.

Please Leave me your info at the Top or Bottom of this Page

I will send you the Start Date! & the Link!

You will be Happy you Did!









                                             I am going to Show you then PROVE to you what I am saying WILL WORK!

& I promise,….YOU will be Amazed!CAT WITH BUBBLE



cats & swirls


 Let’s Talk Litter

When I show you

“The Why”

you will  understand…

“The What”

is really going on

in that Litter Box,

trust me it’s 

NOT what you think!  

                                                                                               I will then show you

                                                                                                       “The  How”                          

How we will Fix it!  

When you understand


“The Why” 

 “The How”

                                                                                           makes much more sense!       cute little kitten                                                                                                      Then I will show you

   “The What” 

                                                                                       The What we will do to Fix it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    What we are going to do to make it much Better.                                                                                             

   With a bunch of small


a few tweaks,

     you won’t believe how much of a

 Difference it all Makes!

kitty litter the big elephant in the room wants to hear about kitty litter
We will find the Best ~Possible~ Set Up for Your Cats & Your Home!

Whether you have 1 or 21 elephants,

or you are a righty or a lefty,

or you sift or scoop,

or your a slob or a neat freak

                  /or in between/                        or you go out- of town a lot or               you just plain DREAD it.       

    We will  fix  your Elephant in   Room! aka 

Your Cat’s Litter Boxes!


cats & swirls

This is about


                     Different Things

           Not BUYING 

            Products that just 

Don’t WORK!


                                                           I will Share my Cat Stories Because YOU WON’T  BELIEVE IT!                                                                 I Will Show you Why so Many Products just Don’t Work! PINK litter BoxI Will Show You Dozens of Wonderful & Helpful HACKS

Some CAT related Some NOT!




We are going to Have TONS of Fun!

                            There is a Much BETTER way to Live with Cat Litter!  I am going to Show YOU

On My NEW  Cat Litter Channel



cat walk line

 Wait till you see all the

CRAZY things I have tried.

  crazy cat   crazy cat   crazy cat

 But in the end……

NO More Dealing with the Pee 

on the Sides or in the 

Corners and when it Turns 

into Nasty Urine Litter PASTE!   

Then it Turns into that Lovely 

Urine Soaked Kitty Litter!

Next is the DSSR!!!

 Imagine…. not having  

ANY odor 

NO Dust…..


having to do the


aka what I Lovingly

like to call the


Scrape & Scrub & Refill”  

Seems like you

were just out there 


& Scraping & Scrubbing   

& BAM!  

Before you know it,

it’s that time again 

to start it all over!

Well no more of 

that noise for me boy and 

I am going to show you




Hate Products that Lie?

  Like many of you,

I have been

sucked in by the LIES.

When we buy

all kinds of Products

and they are Not  

what they


and that product is a

“Cat Litter” product,

that is the Worst of the Worst!   

When a product starts off really


 then it goes down hill,

you know you got


black and white line


        Some of you got caught up

in the “WAVE” of


with that so called “Litter Box” 

         you turn 180 degrees.

Oh my word…

        This was so not your fault.  

        They LIED so bad About


         what  a disgrace.           

     If someone was telling us

LIES about 

any product and showing

us at the same 



it was a crowd funder

why shouldn’t we believe?  It wasn’t that  expensive it was

something that looked like

it would work

It’s clean & pretty so

why not believe?

Because it was all 


 I am going to show you why.

For those of you

that bought that


 I was so sick of

buying BS products

& all the work 

that went into the daily grind

and endless horror 

I HAD to do something…well

I thought I was doing


 The end game

here is that I

FIXED one of the 

worst things in MY Cat

Life that most of us

that use clumping 

Kitty Litter

has to 

deal with.  It’s gone!  

In order to get RID

of something BAD 

you have to Replace it

with something 


It Just doesn’t go Away. 

I am going to SHOW You


But there is a TWIST

and this is it….  READY…


BE NO BULL!!! No Bull!

I’ll explain everything

as we go in my 

Blogs & Videos.

here kitty kitty kitty

You Do Need to Know it all Starts with having the Right TOOLS! THE RIGHT LITTER & THE RIGHT LITTER BOXES!

litter boxHere kitty kitty kitty calling all cat lovers and litter haters

Litter Boxes

kitty litter


so many things that I did,

some worked, some didn’t,

some worked

but it still wasn’t good enough,

let’s put it this way

it wasn’t the answer. 

That did Nothing!   That Changed 


                                                                                                                                 Therefore back to the 

fix the litter problem

   Drawing Board. 

    …then one day… 


       I came up

            with a REAL plan…

               I tried  a bunch of things,

             which I will tell you about,

             then I started the Experimentslitter box

              to confirm things, this is what I want you to SEE

home page

For Yourself.

This Changed EVERYTHING. 


      I will you a simple math equation

      so you can take the

      cost of the Kitty Litter

        you are using NOW & figure

      out what your spending & wasting.I will tell you this now….


you will see A BIG CHANGE!

                         I PROMISE  This is                                    Worth Your TIME!

From the Scoopers

to Litter

& Litter Boxes

to Sifter Litter Boxes,

Mats & even

the Garbage I will


  to you WHY it works.

So Let’s Talk Scoopers

This Cat Litter Scooper is a MUST!  

It’s not just the size it’s keythe way it has the SLATS

around the Back & the Sides!  

This is KEY!!!  

key to cleaning litter boxes


So if you have

a cat litter scooper this size

without those slats

up the back

it’s no good,

if you have a larger

one with the slats

its good but you

still NEED this size.

Very important!  tool

             I am going to be Offering These Cat Litter Scoopers to you in various combos that fit everyone’s needs!here kitty kitty kitty calling all cat lovers and litter haters

here kitty kitty

There are many different companies that offer these Cat Litter ScoopersUse the cookie inserts 

to hold scoopers after


cats walking with black swirls

 I am going to



You will SEE for

yourself WHY they work


than any other Cat Litter 


“9 Lives” Variety Packs

Pick from one of the 9 packs offered!


#1)~ 2 of a kind

 Two Litter SCOOPERS that work correctly are Better                                  then ANY that DON’T                          

This pack is for the skeptic… 


      #2)~ 4 paws on the floor!

          This pack is for those who still need convincing!


#3)  The Six Pack

         Not totally convinced, but getting there!                                                


#4)~ 8 is Enough!

           Now your starting to get IT!


#5) The Dirty Dozen

          Getting 12 will                   

make your life easier! 


   #6) Sweet Sixteen!     




You’ll be Glad you had 20/20 with this Decision! 


      #8)~ 1/4 Century!

     With 25 it’s nice to have plenty of spares!


#9 The Crazy Cat Person!

   30 Kitty  Litter Scoopers   may seem like a LOT, but when you see what this will do for you, in the end…                                                  

here kitty kitty kitty


cat walk line


      amazon affiliate links they will

  always open in another Window!

     another window.

cat walk line

Here are some of the Products that will

help with your Cat Litter Boxes.  

I am going to


Everything in the VIDEOS



THE CAT LITTER             HERE KITTY KITTY LITTER                     

This Litter ROCKS!!

& it makes ROCKS

which is Exactly

what you want a

Clumping CAT Litter to do!

      And I will show you

why with all the

Experiments.experiment cat Litter

     If you have ever tried this Cat Litter & didn’t like it…

It’s because you weren’t using it right!

I am going to show you WHY!

Dr. Elsey’s Litter


Now for a Larger

Litter Box, you need a

Deeper Litter Box not some Bullshit

4   or 5


If your NOT using them Great

but for those of you that are

you need to get a Larger one.


DON’T Use Four inch

Kitty Litter Boxes Ever EVER!

   I will say this

Now 4 INCH Litter…NO…

AKA pieces of plastic pans 

ARE 65% of the Problem!  

So getting RID

of them & getting a 


“Litter Box”

will solve 4 MAJOR 

problems out of the gate! 





Let’s put it this way

 a 4 inch plastic pan 

is no different

then you using



Getting Rid of those

shallow pans & using 

the “correct” products


Just think for a few




If You have Many CATS

the Bins Below 

are Great for Larger

Litter Boxes 

If you only need just 1

go to Target or Home Depot

Since I have USED So

many different Bins 

I will explain why

some of these

DIY Litter Boxes 

Don’t & Won’t Work.


                  Prices on amazon are always changing                                                                  so do the Math before you purchase anything! 


These Sterilite 32


have an odor

control compartment 

in the Lid for Dryer Sheets. 

(that has nothing

to do with using them 

for Litter Boxes

just storage)

Handles on Bin flip

up over Lid to Secure 

when using as Storage


price makes them 

 less than $10. Bucks each


The SIZE of this Bin

23  2/3″ Long  

x  16″ Wide

 x  6   7/8″ Deep

Now that’s LONG ENOUGH !

Next Bin:

These are OVALISH

in Shape 


will be a bit smaller due 

to the “curve” of the Shape.

Outside Size= 

23.25″ Long

x  15.25 Wide

x 6.75 Deep 

Inside Size= 

29.5″ Long

x 15″  Wide

x  6.25″ Deep



32 Quart…

CLEAR Bin White

Lid Teal Latches on LID 

Price makes them 

less then $10. Bucks each!

Now that’s




Sterilite 32

Quart Rectangle

Storage Bins 

Clear with

White Lid Teal Latches

on Lid not Bin

Cost makes them

 bit under $10 Bucks each  

Size 23.75″  Long 

x 16″ Wide

x 6.88″ Deep

Now that’s DEEP ENOUGH



32 Quart Sterilite

Storage Bin

All Clear with

Plum Latches on Bin

not Lid 

Cost makes them

a bit over $8. each

Size is 23 5/8″ Long 

 x 16 1/8″ Wide

  x 6 1/2″ Deep


Now that’s BIG ENOUGH!


Your Going to LOVE this!

I will show

you everything

Step by Step

Turn On The LIGHTS!

here kitty kitty kitty call all the cat community

One of the Household Items

you will need is a


and I just wanted

to put this one out there. 



it’s my FAVORITE!!


You can hook into


USB Port or outlet.

This Flashlight has

3 settings LED 

Which is SO BRIGHT,

normal light

& blinking/strobe

for emergencies. 

I Love that

it lasts a really long

time before recharge    SOUNDS NUTS I KNOW

  It’s almost like a

“black light” so if you 

are in the market

for a Flashlight 


This is what you want!

It’s a bit on the is

Heavy  side

just a heads up about that.




here kitty kitty


What you are trying to


is Very Important here.

 You Need a Good Light.

These Cheap Clamp Lights

are the BEST. 

You can get paint on them,

you can drop them,

you can HANG them


However they don’t

always want to “stay put” 

So I’ll show you a 

Great Hack & They won’t Budge!


OR get the 2 PACKOR 2 SmallerOR 1 Large

Here are some

good size cheap 

cords that work

well with them.


These 3 feet extension cords

 are a great deal    

when you buy the

TEN Pack that Makes them $1.50 Each!

kitty litter


I got this YEARS ago & it really Does a really nice 

job getting CAT Hair/Pet Hair off clothes, furniture, carpet, 


About Sticky Buddy

You get a Large one & a small one for travel, car or work.   

First of all it has a silicone base that 

is “sticky”  it’s really “TACKY” 

you Roll it around, it picks up the

Cat Hair~Dog Hair~Your Hair~etc, 

RINSE IT OFF with lukewarm water & go again!

It comes with a Little plastic case that slides back into to KEEP it from Drying Out!


kitty litter

I was doing everything wrong, but who’s to say what is right or wrong?  

As a result of what I discovered I know there is a RIGHT & WRONG way to do this.

We have all been HOSED by the Litter companies for a such a long time why question any of it. Well I did & it’s what I discovered that Really Steamed ME.        

I will show you Then You can decide


                                 $top Wa$ting                                              STOP

Throwing out the Litter way to soon

                                                                                          here kitty kitty kitty                           

 kitty litter



And YES this is the LITTER POLICE!  I know who should be arrested for selling you such a Litter BOX! 

If  you agree… leave me your email  at the TOP or BOTTOM of this page for my mailing list & I will send you the Start Date & Link before I Begin!



 Finally, as I begin this journey it is my hope

that my Cat Community of  Friends

will join me to learn about this not

so Glamorous but Necessary topic.  Let’s face it,

we are the only ones that truly get it.

 We Will Fix all the Elephants!Fun Elephant

 This my Furry 

Little Friends is The


I’m going on 6+ years






                OH How I Dreaded that                                


My first Bunch of  Youtube Videos

won’t have the Best Lighting



                              Please Come & Check it OUT!                           

Some of the Topics that will be Covered

1.  Location  Location Location

2.  We are going to do an about FACE!

3. Who said Kitty Litter Boxes Have to be on the FLOOR?

4.  How many Litter Boxes do you Really Need?

5.  Light– How important it is & where to put it?

6. Dust

7.  Chemicals in the Kitty

Litter How harmful are they?  What are they?

8. Odor Home Page

      9. Litter Mats What kinds have                                                         multi  functions?

 10.  NO Scatter with NO Hoods

11.  Garbage

                12.  THE EXIT PLAN What you can do when you                    here kitty kitty kittydon’t have “time” to clean it right or you don’t feel like doing it (don’t worry it will still be there for you to                clean, it just won’t be as bad  as you thought!)


After You Watch my Channel, you might just

LOVE your Elephant(s)

well maybe not HATE them so much!  

Trust me, you will be glad you spent the time!

So go ahead & leave me your here kitty kitty kitty

email info UP TOP or BOTTOM so we can get started!


here kitty kitty

And REMEMBER…..if your using 4″…….




If you have Friends with Cats

Let them know HELP is on the WAY!


I Thank-You for Reading & hope you will AT least give this a shot I promise you will find something that will Benefit You & Your CATS!!


Litter Solutions by Nancy

DR. Elsey's Ultra Clumping Cat Litter