Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…

Litter Solutions by Nancy & Other Cool Cat Stuff!
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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…

Calling all Cat Lovers & Litter Haters!

   Let’s Talk Cat Litter 

 I have the Best FIXES for many of you! 

        So it’s time to Change the Kitty Litter For GOOD!

       Kitty Litter:  The Enemy

Litter Boxes: The Elephant in the Room!

Cleaning Them: Suck!



             “So you Love your CATS but HATE Cleaning your Litter Boxes”…BLA BLA BLA….

These companies don’t give a rat’s ass about making any Cat Litter Product to help us.  We need the Cat Litter they know it.  But there are a few companies that do make a quality Cat Litter that actually works.  BUT… Here’s the thing, right from the start their directions are WRONG.     

      So it all falls apart right from day ONE!                                       That’s where I come in. 

 Buying different BS Products or moving things around is not going to change anything.  We just end up with the same old Litter Boxes that are Mucky & Smelly & well just Nasty.                                                                   cat reaching up to butterfly


So I did something about it.  I did something about all of it.  I am going to Show YOU all the cool ways It ALL WORKS & WHY!


I’m sure most of us will agree Litter is one of the Worst things we have to deal with in our homes Living with Cat Litter isn’t always easy.   Some days are okay, Some days are a Freakin Horror Show!  I propose we change some of that…No…I mean most of that.  Okay how about ALL of that!


 I am going to SHOW you Loads of things that we all have been doing WRONG...I am going to Show & Prove to you WHY they are WRONG!! Then I will show you what we are going to do to FIX IT All of it!





















I promise,..YOU will be Amazed!



cats & swirls

 The Cat Litter

When I show you “The Why” you will  understand…

“The What” is really going on in that Litter Box,

trust me it’s NOT what you think!  I will then show you  

      “The  How”         

    How we will fix it.  When  you understand

      “The Why”   

“The How” makes much more sense!cute little kitten Then I will show you “The What”

The What we will do to Fix it! 

What we are going to do to make it much Better.

With a bunch of small changes, &

a few tweaks you won’t believe how much of 

Difference it all Makes!

                    I will Share my Cat Stories because                               some of them are Doozies!


     I will be showing you why many Cat Litter Products don’t work!                                                                                Plus I am going to show you some GREAT HACKS along the way! 







cat litter shed light

Hi Everyone!

     Welcome to my Litter Solutions Landing Page!

      My name is Nancy & I am here to Shed some Real about

what’s going on in your Cat’s Litter Box! 

              On this Landing page I outline a sample of what’s going to be on

My New Cat LITTER Channel on

youtube cat litter channel coming soon


 I Hope You will Join Me

                                          HAPPY CatYou’ll be Happy you did!

kitty litter the big elephant in the room wants to hear about kitty litter

Whether you have 1 or 21 elephants, or

you are a righty or a lefty,

or you sift or scoop or your a slob or a neat freak

/or in between/ or you go out- of town  a lot or  you just plain DREAD it.       

    We will  fix  your Elephant in the Room! aka Your Cat’s Litter Boxes!







If you Hate

Products that Lie

I am going

to show you why!


        Like many of you, I have been  sucked in by the LIES

        we buy all kinds of Products and they are Not what they

         “ADVERTISE” And when that product is a

    “Cat Litter” product, that is the Worst When a product

            starts off really BAD then it goes down hill,  you know you got


black and white line

    Some of you got caught up in the “WAVE” of


                   With that so called ” Cat Litter Box” you turn 180 degrees. 

Oh my word… 

This was so not your fault They LIED  about  Everything

            If someone LIES about any product while showing

us at the same time 

   HOW GREAT it is WHY wouldn’t we believe?


It wasn’t that expensive & it  looked like

it would work based on their



It’s Clean & Pretty so why not believe? But turns out It was ALL



I Felt so Bad  for everyone that got suckered in because

I knew it wouldn’t & couldn’t EVER work the way they said. 


Then to find out it has a Defect THAT IS HUGE! 

I am going to show you all the different ways you can use

Sifter Litter Boxes &

which is the best way & WHY!…

Plus I will show you the Defect.

What this will do is teach you what to look for in the future &

you will stay away from certain

Cat Litter Products.


The end game here is that I fixed the worst things

when cleaning a Cat’s Litter Box.

I am going to show you what those things are & prove to you why

they make this Daily Chore a Nightmare!

I don’t hate cleaning all my Cat Litter Boxes anymore.   

I used to want to CRY but that is all behind me. 

And soon it will be all behind YOU!

The worst things in my Cat Life are GONE! 


                       In order to get RID of something BAD

you have Replace it with something Better.  

It Just doesn’t go Away. 

I am going to SHOW  You exactly.  

But there is a TWIST & this is it….READY?…….


BE NO BULL!!! No Bull!

I’ll explain everything as we go in my Videos.

You Do Need to Know it all Starts with having The Right TOOLS!  


          When I had HAD IT, I came up with a REAL plan..

I tried a bunch of things which

I will tell you about. 

Wait till you see all the CRAZY things I have tried.

crazy cat

When I slowed down and started to WATCH what is REALLY going on in

that Litter Box that is when everything changed!  

This is what I want you to SEE

home page

         For Yourself.  This Changed EVERYTHING. 

      I will Give you a Simple Math Equation

      So you can take the cost of the Kitty Litter you are using NOW

& figure out what your spending & wasting.

        I Promise it’s                           Worth Your TIME!


        From Cat Litter Scoopers to the Cat Litter & Litter Boxes

to Sifter Litter Boxes, Mats & even the Garbage

I will PROVE to you WHY it works.

So Let’s Talk Scoopers

This Cat Litter Scooper is a MUST!  

It’s not just the size

of this Cat Litter Scooper it’s the way it has the SLATS

around the Back & the Sides!  

This is KEY!!!  

key to cleaning litter boxes


So if you have a Cat Litter Scooper this size

without those slats up the back it’s NO good if you have a larger one with the slats

its good but

you still NEED this size!

Very important!  tool

     I am going to be Offering These Cat Litter Scoopers

to you in various combos that WILL fit everyone’s needs!here kitty kitty kitty calling all cat lovers and litter haters

here kitty kitty

There are many different companies that offer these Cat Litter Scoopers. 

TIP: Use cookie inserts to hold Scoopers after washing them.

I am going to SHOW YOU WHY

These Cat Litter SCOOPERS ARE A MUST.  You will SEE for yourself 

WHY they work BETTER than any other Cat Litter SCOOPER

       I will show you other things you can do with them,

how to wash them & how to keep them


“9 Lives” Variety Packs

Pick from one of the 9 packs offered!

(After I show you how to use them)!

#1)~ 2 of a kind

        Two Litter SCOOPERS that work correctly are Better then

                   Any that make Cleaning Litter Much Worse!         

This pack is for the skeptic…


      #2)~ 4 on the floor!

                      This pack is for those who still need convincing!



#3)  The Six Pack

                  Not totally convinced,

but getting there!   


#4)~ 8 is Enough!

           Now your starting to get IT!x8


#5) The Dirty Dozen

             Getting 12 will make your life easier!  

cat litter scoopers

   #6) Sweet Sixteen! 




         You’ll be Glad you had 20/20 with this Decision! 

cat litter scoopers

      #8)~ 1/4 Century!

        With 25 it’s nice to have plenty of spares!

cat litter scooperscat litter scoopers

#9) The Crazy Cat Person!

                        30 Kitty Litter Scoopers may seem like a lot BUT 

just wait till you see…..

cat litter scooperscat litter scooperscat litter scoopers                                 .



here kitty kitty kitty

cat walk line


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Product Section #1.  

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Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Clumping Cat Litter         


This Litter ROCKS!! &

it makes ROCKS

   Which is Exactly what you want

                          in a Clumping Cat Litter.                                                                         


Most of you are Going to LOVE this!

I will show

you everything

Step by Step


    $top Wa$ting    STOP

Throwing out the Litter way to soon

           here kitty kitty kitty                           

 kitty litter



    And YES this is the LITTER POLICE! 

and I know

who should be

      arrested for selling you such an awful

Litter BOX! 

If  you agree…

leave me your email  at the TOP or BOTTOM

of this page for my mailing

list so I can contact you when I upload new Vids &

if there is any changes in my plans or whatever!

This is good if you don’t have a youtube account. 



 Finally, as I begin this journey it is my hope that my Cat

Community of  Friends will join me to learn about this not so

Glamorous but Necessary topic.  Let’s face it,

we are the only ones that truly get it.

 We Will Fix all the Elephants!Fun Elephant

 This my Furry Little Friends is


I am going on 9+ years WITHOUT THE


Oh How I Dreaded that!

So if you hate throwing your Litter out every

few weeks than your going to LOVE what I do!!

So come


                      & Check it OUT!                           

Some of the Topics that will be Covered

1.  Location  Location Location

2.  We are going to do an about FACE!

3. Who said Kitty Litter Boxes Have to be on the FLOOR?

4.  How many Litter Boxes do you Really Need?

5.  Light How important it is & where to put it?

6. Dust

7.  Chemicals in the Kitty

Litter, How harmful is it?  

8. Odor here kitty kitty kitty

      9. Litter Mats What kinds have                                                         multi  functions?

 10.  NO Scatter with NO Hoods

11.  Garbage

    12.  THE EXIT PLAN

     What you can do if you don’t have the time to clean it right or you just don’t feel like it, don’t worry it will still be there for you to clean!         

 It just won’t be as bad as you thought!  here kitty kitty kitty13.  The “TOOLS” Lots to discuss for

Tools! This will be covered in the Videos! 


After You Watch my Channel, you might just

LOVE your Elephant(s)

well maybe not HATE them so much!  



When we Look Under that Litter Line

you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find!
Trust me, you will be glad you spent the time!

So go ahead & leave me your here kitty kitty kitty

email info UP TOP or BOTTOM

If you have Friends with Cats

Let them know HELP is on the way! I Thank-You for Reading & hope you will AT least give this a shot

I promise you will find something that will Benefit You & Your CATS!